Preschool home visit

We have hit the 2 weeks out from prescool starting. Yay! I’m not sure who is more excited, DJ or I! Iowa state funds the public free preschool and part of the requirements is a home visit where the teacher comes into your home and meets your child, discusses school and then takes off. Lucky us, ours is scheduled for t minus a few hours. I wonder how well this would go over?!



What did I do all day? Seriously, you want to ask that….

Disclaimer: Sometimes husbands need to know that this question when asked in the wrong tone or at the wrong time can lead to much deserved spousal abuse.

That being said, here are some acceptable answers I have heard or given:
Kept the kids alive.
Showered and brushed my hair, and kept the house from burning to the ground.
Fed the kids and kept them from frollicking through the neighborhood naked.
Don’t start… pass the wine.
Why don’t you ask the kids what I did all day, I’m sure their version will make my version seem saintly.

A nursing momma’s schedule for the day
Unlike a normal schedule, a nursing Momma of a newborn will calmly tell  you the day does not simply start when one should be out of bed like 6AM, but instead starts the first time after midnight that baby wants to be fed.
12:30ish AM. IF you have been lucky enough to fall asleep between the 10:00PM feeding and now A) Congrats on the extra hour of sleep and B)it’s time to wake up and feed the baby. Take baby to changing table. Coo bleary eyed at new baby while changing diaper. Stub toe on Diaper genie then again on 4yr olds left out Buzz Lightyear action figure on way to couch or back to bed to feed there. Fall asleep while baby is nursing. Forget to set timer before falling asleep. Wake up to baby spitting up all over you and your side of bed. Go back to changing table to change diaper and clothes. Avoid diaper Genie, but step on Buzz Lightyear in a manner that sets off his booming voice saying “To Infinity and Beyond, complete with adventourous music”. Curse Pixar. Kick Buzz over to pile of toys more out of the way. Attempt to clean spitup off bed.Throw towel over remaining spit up wet spot, vow to wash sheets in the morning. Double check baby is sleeping in pack and play next to bed. Fall asleep with one arm draped into pack and play checking on baby.

3:15AM. Baby starts to fuss. Let baby play with knuckles etc for 10-15 minutes if your lucky. Baby is insistant. Time to eat again mommy! Take baby to changing table, change diaper while baby tries to bring your hand to his mouth to suckle on. Refill water cup for this feeding.Decide to feed baby  on couch  this time. Trip over small scale tonka truck. Nearly faceplant into coffee table while trying to keep from landing on baby. Curse all toys in home currently. Successfully feed baby without getting spit up on. Put baby back into swaddling sack and into Pack and  play. Make sure baby is nearly asleep while mommy escapes to bathroom and to refill water cup so its ready for 6AM feeding. Baby fusses, then falls asleep death griping mommy’s finger. Mentally revisit page found on Pinterest about warm rice in a glove found
6:45AM Baby has granted almost 40 extra minutes to sleep schedule. Attach now fussing baby to first side of feeding. Prepare coffee one handed. Silently thank God movers lost old coffee pot granting space for a Keurig, that can be operated one handed.Take first sip of coffee, place cup somewhere unobtrusive, burp baby. Wipe spitup off shoulder. Remember that bed sheets need washed. Attach baby to second side of feeding. Strip bed one handed. Carry balled up sheets down to washer in basement. Burp baby. Move wet clothes to dryer. Load sheets into washer. Go back upstairs and try to find coffee. Give up on coffee in the meantime. Change Baby’s diaper. Send hubby to wake up 4year old before leaving for work. Dress / encourage 4 year old to get dressed/ go to the bathroom. Get 4yr started on eating breakfast while watching Magic School Bus on Netflix.

8:10AM Baby’s hungry. Refill water cup enroute to changing table. Change diaper. Zone out fantasizing about missing cup of coffee. Get peed on. Realize that coffee is sitting on baby’s wall locker of clothes, and wasn’t a figment of the imagination. Move to couch, feed baby. Burp baby. Let big brother give his now usual hugs and kisses to the baby. Encourage 4 year old to go potty. Hold baby nearly upright to avoid spit up, while simultaneously reading a library book to 4 year old. Change over to Brain Quest cards after 3rd time through the same library book.

9:45AM, Attempt to fold laundry while 4yr old plays with newly acquired sticker book and baby is sleeping in swing. Manage to get 2 towels and some baby clothes folded before baby wakes up wanting to be fed. Have 4 year old refill water cup while nursing. Finish feeding, clean up sloshed water from kitchen floor. Start a movie for 4 year old while cooing baby to sleep. Run to bathroom, only for 4 year old to follow stating he needs to poop. Turn the baby monitor on and wait an eternity for the 4 year old to finish his business. Charge the shower, knowing we only have 30 minutes til baby is due for another feeding. Get hair shampooed, only to hear baby stirring and 4 year old on monitor. Rush out of shower naked only to find baby has fallen back to sleep and big brother has returned to watching his movie. Finish shower just as baby starts crying for the noonish feeding.

12:05PM Change diaper, start to feed baby one handed while preparing 4 year olds pb and j sandwich. Narrowly miss sandwich with baby spitup. Instead, get baby spit up in hair and down shirt. Curse under breath while handing DJ his lunch. Use baby wipe to clean spit up off mommy. Sit down, finish feeding baby. Burp baby while praying for no more spit up fashion accessories. Fix lunch for mommy, eat while baby curls up on lap. Start to doze, until 4 year old yells something incoherent.

1:55PM Change diaper for baby, and set up 4 year old with snack. Find and refill water cup. Locate super small tube of now much beloved lanolin for cracked nipples. Sit with intent to start feeding baby, just in time for 4 year old to need a drink of some sort. Latch baby on, get chocolate milk for 4 year old to go with snack. Settle in for the remainder of feeding.

4:00PM Remember that sheets need to go into dryer as baby starts to fuss for the next feeding. Run down to basement, switch sheets over to dryer. Forget baby feed timer downstairs. Fill water cup while holding baby. Run back downstairs for gadget while carrying baby. Get to couch, start feeding baby. Baby spit up dribbles down side of shirt. Wipe down baby’s face and wait a few minutes for baby’s stomach to settle, thusly pissing baby off that he is in momma’s lap and not eating! Think vaguely of what should be eaten for supper. Feed baby. Chase 4 year old to bathroom so he’ll make it on time without an accident.

5:45PM pull meat substence from freezer and begin to thaw in microwave. Glance in mirror and realize mommy looks like a hot mess. Attempt to clean spit up out of hair using baby wipes. Think about revisiting the whole dry shampoo idea. Ignore rest of hot messness and pick up mumbling baby for next feeding. Refill water cup. Feed baby, while 4 year old discusses taking baby brother back. Try to explain there is a no refunds no returns policy on babies once they are out of mommy’s belly. Forget to watch timer, baby spits up in hair again. Burp baby, make supper.

7:30pm Finish fixing supper plates for family, baby starting to fuss. Pick up baby, try to sooth while shoveling food in mouth. Laugh with husband as baby opens mouth wide in time with shoveling of food as though baby was trying to eat mommy’s food. Tell 4 year old who’s decided he no longer likes spaghetti that its either spaghetti or bed. Husband takes over 4 year old to finish eating/ get a bath. Refill water cup, settle in on couch to feed baby.

9:10pm Insist that 4 year old pick up toys before going to bed after reading 2 bedtime stories. Take 4 year old upstairs to room. Decide to start next load of wash since the bed sheets need to be brought upstairs anyway. Dash down stairs to basement with jeans while baby sleeps in swing. Pretreat all grass and oil stains on jeans for both Hubby and 4 year old. Feed dog in time for husband to say he already had. Bring sheets up from dryer, remake bed. Hear baby start to fuss. Pick up baby, change diaper and into pajamas or suitable onsie to go under the SwaddleMe. Pictured here

Say a thanks for the small things prayer like inventing sleep bags for babies that dont require 2 semesters of origami to put baby to sleep. Feed baby, put to sleep in pack and play. Try to get a load of clean clothes folded and off the couch.

11:30PM Hubby wakes you up because you fell asleep matching socks. Climb wearily into bed, knowing it all starts again in less then an hour.

Different baby, different post birth problems

So as I hinted to in the last post, We had a complication come up. Not major, but it feels like it in the aftermath.
Prior to pregnancy, I being Hypothyroid am that woman who puts her freezing cold butt, feet, legs all over dear husband in bed when he’s all warm you read about on Facebook. True story.

During my pregnancy I was warmer then ever, usually sleeping on top of the covers and as close to naked as I dared to stay comfortable. So when we hit 6 days after our c section and got the Chills, I sort of assumed it was my personal bahama island feeling leaving abruptly thanks to the shift in my body’s residing fetus status change. By the time we hit the 24 hour mark of chills I was starting to feel  like crap. Puked up all three bites I got of mmy PB and J sandwich I had intended on eating, and finally got out the old faithful thermometer.
101.4. GREAT! Just what I need with a newborn. So I call the Dr. Take some tylenol, then check temp again in an hour, and we’ll go from there. An hour and 650mg of Tylenol later, 101.6. FML!
The elevated temp after pain meds plus tylenol was concerning enough they brought me back into the hospital. After testing a lot of stuff in short order, I was diagnosed with infection secondary to the csection with bacteria that were both gram negative and positive. (Aka I was my own very cool under the microscope petri dish of variety, not a good thing. So I was admitted back into the hospital, this time begging to be sent back to the usually not very busy OB ward, since dear new babyy boy would be following mom since mom carries the lunch box, so to speak now while we are breastfeeding. Well the OB ward wasnt busy at all, in fact, so they didn’t have it staffed. So it was off to another ward with 2 people in isolation rooms and somebody with the beginning stage of the end with COPD hacking up lungs and half their body through the whole night. The nurses were yet again nice enough, but there definitely was not going to be any hallway walking there!!!

IV antibiotics was what Doc had ordered, which was fine and dandy, until the second night when we got our first whiff that poor Matt’s litle tummy doesn’t like mommy’s antibiotics. To the point of spewing projectile spit up about 15 minutes after feedings. Fun fun. Now here we are after our 3 day stay for IV antibiotics on oral antibiotics at day 7 of 14 days, wih a breastfeeding baby that doesn’t like mommy’s meds, bit we have made some headway in minimizing the spit up. Thank god its only for a few more days as of writing this. Next episode: The breastfeeding mama’s schedule, AKA my answer when Hubby asks what I did all day.

We had a baby!! (Aka let the chaos begin)

One week and one day ago, we got a rather rude awakening. No no, it wasn’t any more ravinous scared wild life, although my husband may say differently from his vantage point. At 4:45 AM  after having contractual episodes off oand on for a month plus, I woke with a start as I was having a very fast onset and very painful contraction, followed by my water breaking. I Jumped out of the bed as I contracted, and then felt the gush as I was reaching across the bed to wake up hubby. Now for all of those out there who have compared it to peeing yourself, may I just say you were dead wrong! Maybe you were just peeing yourself hoping it would be your water breaking. That being said I found it to be not quite painful per say, but it definitely was not like peeing myself. We rushed to the hospital, and while Dr. had originally said there will not be a trial of labor based on our previous C section here at Small town Iowa hospital , and would be something to go to Omaha (an hour away) for, there I was in the wee hours doing a trial of labor since the Surgery team was already coming in for their usual shifts. I was not dilated beyond maybe 1 when I first made it to the hospital, and still had not progressed by the time Dr. Came to check me around 8. Prep for C section, here we come!

We were preped, signed our lives away, and off to surgery we went. Now for the play by play comparison of the differences between emergency surgery in a HUGE military Hospital ( Womack Army Medical Center in Fort Bragg, NC) and planned-ish C section at Small town Rural Iowa Hospital (Cass Co Memorial Hospital, IA). First off, there was not the general feeling as though I was 1 of a 100 women having a baby that day. In fact, there were a grand total of 2 babies born on 12 July 2013 at our small hospital. With the close nit feeling of small town, I actually got to pick my delivering doctor as well as the pediatric /family practice dr that would be attending my son as soon he was cut out ahead of time. The OB/ Labor and Delivery/ Nursery crew for our hospital consisted of some of the most personable women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, with 6 of the 9 total staff members attending to me and baby at some point during the 4 days post operative stay. After the Csection I was able to hold baby and breastfeed within an hour after delivery here, where as the military hospital had me wait an excruciating long 5 hours before I could hold the baby, and had already supplemented with formula twice before I had even held him. (As a pretty big breastmilk for the first year supporter I was crushed with this, but life went on eventually.) Our all inclusive room was huge at small town hospital, as they literally just remodeled the entire L/D dept, to include a decent enough bed/ couch for Dear husband to sleep on.
Day 1 picture: to include of note the hospital gown I made for myself for after the C section before I braved real clothes.

In the midst of day 2 post Op, my parents previously scheduled visit for this past week started, so Husband went home mid morning from the hospital to get everything up to snuff before the parents and my brother, baby number two’s namesake, arrived. DJ was switched off from the inlaws to my parents and husband, along with the crazy dog being brought back to the house. In the meantime, I started to go a little stir crazy at the hospital, effectively refering to it as Exile Island while my family was here and I was in recovery mode, phase one. Not that I didn’t adore my nurses, but one can only walk the short 50 yards worth of OB/L/D dept so long before starting to go cross eyed.

When it was time to go home, I was so excited to be leaving, but a bit worried we would have another jaundice baby after DJ was subjected to the ultimate infant tanning experience at the Military hospital. Needless to say, I made a few enemies with the Nurses at the military hospital’s peds section when one tried to send me on my way while they monitored my 4 day old on a pulse ox. Can we say “No way in hell is this momma leaving, you crazy nurse?!” When I voiced this concern to little Matt’s doctor, she was kind enough to do a baseline bilirubin before we left just to see what it was and if there might be a need sooner then the 48 hour post release check to do anything. Having had one jaundiced on me before, we went into lots of open window shades and feeding round the clock ( not that one doesnt do that already with a newborn, but basically being even more sure to be oon time with the every 2 hours feedings). His bilirubin number was fairly low considering, putting him at a 40% risk category.

While our home life was its one chaos of visiting family, new baby, and all the trimmings that come with each of those factors, we were  attempting to keep it as normal as we could for DJ. So far I think we have done okay in that department, but some of the sibling jealousy has reared its ugly head already. It’s funny in a way to see that swing of emotions from wanting to help an hold baby brother to the less then attractive throwing a tantrum because baby brother has to go to to the doctor.

Since I am behind in my writings here, this is where I must confess the just to get everybody updated was started last Thursday the 18th. Being late evening of the 23rd now, I do hope you’ll forgive my tardiness, and if not then well read the next entry and you’ll see why I have somewhat disappeared off the planet.

Nearly Ready and a little over a month to go.

In the past few days, we’ve gotten so much done. Saturday was our baby shower, which should have been actually titled Subway catered family and friends get together with baby gifts. We liked it that way a lot actually. No diapers filled with mashed melted candy bars to sniff or guess at, no clothespins for the first person to say baby craziness, no extra bs, just the family and friends including the guys drinking beers and a few cheap decorations to indicate the celebration.  In oher words, it rocked. I don’t know why we seem to think the cheap theatrical games etc all really all that necessary for a baby shower. No other social activities require the guessing of candy in diapers. But I digress. 

Sunday, we were rained on rather heavily, so we took DJ to see the new prequel, Monsters University, which while it was wayyyyyy crowded, was an awesome movie that DJ (and the parents too) enjoyed pretty thoroughly. We ‘ve got several of our hospital thigs together just in case baby number 2 decides he can’t wait any longer to be born, as we’ve had contractions off and on for the last month or so. We have made it past the gestational age when big brother was born,  and OB doc has us tenatively scheduled for our c section on 1 August, a week prior to our official due date. Thanks to my parents and inlaws, the crib has been purhased and assembled.


Thanks to a friend mailing my old baby clothes from NC to us, we now have a closet full of baby clothes  all freshly washed and folded, and ready to go. I have all our equipment cleaned and ready for use. I have resupplied my breastpump accessories, and I think we are ready now for this kid.

In preparation for new baby’s arrival, DJ’s got a special bag of toys just for him when he comes to see us at the hospital. All the things a new big brother needs. The idea is a pinterest steal the original link beinghere. Our big brother bag has the following in it:
A new water bottle for big brother should he get thirsty when he visits
A note pad and a few new justice league themed pens/pencils
A new wallet with a few dollar bills in it for candy mahines etc at the hospital
A bottle of hand sanitizer just for DJ
2 new shirts announcing our big brother status
A flashlight
A carbeaner compass
And some odds and ends quiet type toys, such as silly putty, crayons and a new coloring book, and a magnadoodle toy.

I love the idea of big brother getting some stuff just for him when the baby baby baby craze hits amongst the visits. As a big sibling, I remember feeling left out becuase everybody wanted to see the new baby. So far, DJ hasnt shown too much resentment but I’d like to keep it that way.

You may now breathe at your own pace and distance.

Events from Saturday, ie contractual activity, at least thats what the OB called the low grade every ten minute contractions I had until some drug intervention at the ob department seem to have spurred minor contractions with any amount of too much activity on my part. So in otherwords, if I chase DJ up the stairs or carry too heavy of a load of laundry down to the basement, I start contracting again. Apparently, despite the kids’ paratrooper paternity this kids seems to be yet another determined red light jumper, a joke we made alot after DJ decided he was coming at 33 weeks and 2 days gestation. To understand this joke, watch the band of Brothers part 2, specifically  as they are being tossed out of the planes over Normandy beach. Ideally, the green light for jumping from the plane, as its been explained to me by paratrooper hubby, comes on as they are over the dropzone. Any jumps made prior to the green light being on, potentially can harm the paratroopers on terrain features or otherwise. So after speaking with Dr again, the old army attage of a medical profile thats has very strict limitations comes to mind. In an injury relating to a lower extremity typically the army will issue a no run jump march profile,  ie the soldier is not permitted to Run jump or march during the alloted recovery time of the profile to prevent exaggerating an injury.  In more serious injury or illness more restrictive profiles are set by doctors, that often time get poked fun at by other soldiers and referred to as breathe or vegetate at own pace and distance.  In my case currently, with more activity equalling contracting activity, OB has said less is more.  Don’t go running up the stairs, don’t push yourself with your history of preterm baby,  no more of this riding horses notion, let husband do the laundry or cut the loads in half so your not lifting a lot of weight etc. Or by Army terms, breathe at your own pace and distance, and do not do anything that may tell the baby to prepare to come out.  We’ll see how it goes.