Indoor gardening, try 3 or 4.

So our new house has a gorgeous sun porch that for the most part is climate controlled, with the rest of the house, albeit when it freezes the minute storm porch door only keeps the below freezing days to the 40ish degree range in the winter. But for lack of a better term, a friend of mine who grew up here in Southwest Iowa pointed out a crucial mistake I was likely making, resulting in dead rosemary, starter seedlings that all died well before transplant, and yet somehow flourished my turnip greens and garlic. Being from the desert, everything I ever grew back home required just one thing. Water. And well I was overdoing it. By like, a lot!

So now we have the following done and waiting on the porch for some rain. After a few minutes of rain I will bring them inside to their porch.
A new hanging strawberry plant is officially hanging on its new shepherds hook, below the deck.
From left to right, pictured below, our blueberry bush has finally been potted in the leftover neon green pot from the rosebush we got for Mothers Day and will get trimmed tommorow.
The standing planter has an Italian salad blend on top, spinach on the bottom. The red pot is our walmart special rosemary also potted finally. The window box has parsley and oregano in it. The small brown pot has cherry tomato seeds, hopefully these will stay alive this time now that I know I was drowning the poor things previously. In the black pot on the end is sweet basil.

With a little bit of luck, and less drowning them on my part, we should have some tasty stuff growing soon!