Ok, ok, I’m slackin!

Hey look guys I am still alive.  We’ve been rocking some serious stay at home momminess. I mean, like fully embraced the yoga pants, occasionally get a delusional sense that house chores are all done, wearing the baby in the Moby wrap like 20 hours a day type momminess.

Somebody warned me once a upon a time that the blog may be a sanity saver. Clearly I wasn’t listening well enough to understand that.

So, let’s call this my starting over moment with the blog for my sanity.

DJ has been in pre school now for almost a month and I think we finally have the schedule working for us. The bus comes and picks him up at 1130ish and drops him back off around 330pm, Tuesday thru Friday. Which has been helpful in me getting stuff done around the house. But then there are days when a certain crabby baby number 2 insists on being held the whole day.

On these days we get little if anything done.

But Today is not that day!
Today is lets try to cut some of the clutter look the living room has gotten thanks to the roaming toy pile.

Materials needed:
One largeish cardboard box leftover from something you bought recently. My box today? The leftover box from crabby baby’s Fisher Price Spacesaver High Chair (by the way is our second one of the same brand and type we’ve bought because I got rid of our first one, doh! And well, we keep having kitchen table areas with very little room for extra chair space without taking away from the walk around space.)

One Trash bag to cut a paint tarp from

Rattle can paint in Black, you pick the finish, though I love me some Satin finish. Not quite so shiny but has just the right amount of flash for nearly everything

Leftover fabric or contact paper in a print you like, mine today is leftovers from one of our first posts the Hutch remodel found completed here

And for a splash of pizzazz, and well I was looking for an excuse to break out the new cricut machine I got from my anniversary, I cut out these super cute letters off the Chalkboard Fonts cartridge.

First things first, cut your tarp out of the trash bag. If your super thrifty you can reuse it, but I tend to not be that way now that we have the new baby. Lay it out somewhere outside so it’s well vented, putting your box upside down on the tarp.
Nosy dog pictured here not needed, but he does make the projects more interesting.
Spray a nice even coat or two of your rattlecan paint job onto the box. You can cover the whole botton or just the edges as I did because well the bottom’s not gonna matter too much since no one will see it. (Now when you guys come for a visit, don’t go lifting up the toy box and ratting out my laziness, LOL)

When the box is totally dry, apply your fabric using some spray adhesive or contact paper using the sticky backing it came with.

Before you put the painted edges on the carpet etc in the house, make sure you dust off the box using a plain paper towel to catch any extra paint flecks that may be leftover from the paint. Remember this a clean up project not make a bigger mess project, despite my table saying otherwise when the cricut is out and in use.

The end result? A fantastic toy box that cost next to nothing.

My living room feels more clean and chic already! Maybe the next post I could get around to upcycling my storage boxes (pampers boxes) in the nursery.

Indoor gardening, try 3 or 4.

So our new house has a gorgeous sun porch that for the most part is climate controlled, with the rest of the house, albeit when it freezes the minute storm porch door only keeps the below freezing days to the 40ish degree range in the winter. But for lack of a better term, a friend of mine who grew up here in Southwest Iowa pointed out a crucial mistake I was likely making, resulting in dead rosemary, starter seedlings that all died well before transplant, and yet somehow flourished my turnip greens and garlic. Being from the desert, everything I ever grew back home required just one thing. Water. And well I was overdoing it. By like, a lot!

So now we have the following done and waiting on the porch for some rain. After a few minutes of rain I will bring them inside to their porch.
A new hanging strawberry plant is officially hanging on its new shepherds hook, below the deck.
From left to right, pictured below, our blueberry bush has finally been potted in the leftover neon green pot from the rosebush we got for Mothers Day and will get trimmed tommorow.
The standing planter has an Italian salad blend on top, spinach on the bottom. The red pot is our walmart special rosemary also potted finally. The window box has parsley and oregano in it. The small brown pot has cherry tomato seeds, hopefully these will stay alive this time now that I know I was drowning the poor things previously. In the black pot on the end is sweet basil.

With a little bit of luck, and less drowning them on my part, we should have some tasty stuff growing soon!