Again with the whole blog that’s not being used

Hey its May of like 2015. I have 4 saved draft entries since the last published post. Maybe I should get on that. So there will be some clean up and posting pretty quickly here. Today I yet again became that mom hiding from my children while eating some deliciously sinful food in the basement over the laundry room trashcan. What?! I know you all have been there. Don’t say you haven’t, unless of course you don’t have children or your children aren’t passed infant stage. Because, really once those Fu*#ers sweet little bundles of joy are walking and can see you eat something they will want all of it. Even if they are YOUR cupcakes. That you waited in line for an hour to get from the delivery cupcake truck. Yes, yes kids, you both were with mommy but since the line was at a park I feel like that was actually us acting as 2 separate units, really. Your missions were to play nicely with the other kids whose mommies were busy with cupcakes as well without incidents that involved us leaving or an ER trip, mommy’s mission was cupcake heaven!


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