#Slice of Heaven # Messy Reality

One of my favorite blogs to read that’s much more put together then I feel most days called Baby Rabies (authored by Jill Krause) is putting on an awesome photography challenge and I wanted to share a few of my options for it. The original blog post can be found here.

My first one was #slice of heaven


With the #messy reality being


My plants ready for transplant once the garden is plowed, extra house pieces, the cloth diaper drying line and and extra step stool we keep out on the Sun porch.
Second option was #slice of heaven

#Messy Reality

Laundry, nursing pads, and big kid toys we keep taking away because of the little pieces (dang legos when you have a huge age gap…) More to come once DJ gets home from school.

Thank you so much @BabyRabies for the inspiration and being willing to share your #MessyReality