We had a baby!! (Aka let the chaos begin)

One week and one day ago, we got a rather rude awakening. No no, it wasn’t any more ravinous scared wild life, although my husband may say differently from his vantage point. At 4:45 AM  after having contractual episodes off oand on for a month plus, I woke with a start as I was having a very fast onset and very painful contraction, followed by my water breaking. I Jumped out of the bed as I contracted, and then felt the gush as I was reaching across the bed to wake up hubby. Now for all of those out there who have compared it to peeing yourself, may I just say you were dead wrong! Maybe you were just peeing yourself hoping it would be your water breaking. That being said I found it to be not quite painful per say, but it definitely was not like peeing myself. We rushed to the hospital, and while Dr. had originally said there will not be a trial of labor based on our previous C section here at Small town Iowa hospital , and would be something to go to Omaha (an hour away) for, there I was in the wee hours doing a trial of labor since the Surgery team was already coming in for their usual shifts. I was not dilated beyond maybe 1 when I first made it to the hospital, and still had not progressed by the time Dr. Came to check me around 8. Prep for C section, here we come!

We were preped, signed our lives away, and off to surgery we went. Now for the play by play comparison of the differences between emergency surgery in a HUGE military Hospital ( Womack Army Medical Center in Fort Bragg, NC) and planned-ish C section at Small town Rural Iowa Hospital (Cass Co Memorial Hospital, IA). First off, there was not the general feeling as though I was 1 of a 100 women having a baby that day. In fact, there were a grand total of 2 babies born on 12 July 2013 at our small hospital. With the close nit feeling of small town, I actually got to pick my delivering doctor as well as the pediatric /family practice dr that would be attending my son as soon he was cut out ahead of time. The OB/ Labor and Delivery/ Nursery crew for our hospital consisted of some of the most personable women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, with 6 of the 9 total staff members attending to me and baby at some point during the 4 days post operative stay. After the Csection I was able to hold baby and breastfeed within an hour after delivery here, where as the military hospital had me wait an excruciating long 5 hours before I could hold the baby, and had already supplemented with formula twice before I had even held him. (As a pretty big breastmilk for the first year supporter I was crushed with this, but life went on eventually.) Our all inclusive room was huge at small town hospital, as they literally just remodeled the entire L/D dept, to include a decent enough bed/ couch for Dear husband to sleep on.
Day 1 picture: to include of note the hospital gown I made for myself for after the C section before I braved real clothes.

In the midst of day 2 post Op, my parents previously scheduled visit for this past week started, so Husband went home mid morning from the hospital to get everything up to snuff before the parents and my brother, baby number two’s namesake, arrived. DJ was switched off from the inlaws to my parents and husband, along with the crazy dog being brought back to the house. In the meantime, I started to go a little stir crazy at the hospital, effectively refering to it as Exile Island while my family was here and I was in recovery mode, phase one. Not that I didn’t adore my nurses, but one can only walk the short 50 yards worth of OB/L/D dept so long before starting to go cross eyed.

When it was time to go home, I was so excited to be leaving, but a bit worried we would have another jaundice baby after DJ was subjected to the ultimate infant tanning experience at the Military hospital. Needless to say, I made a few enemies with the Nurses at the military hospital’s peds section when one tried to send me on my way while they monitored my 4 day old on a pulse ox. Can we say “No way in hell is this momma leaving, you crazy nurse?!” When I voiced this concern to little Matt’s doctor, she was kind enough to do a baseline bilirubin before we left just to see what it was and if there might be a need sooner then the 48 hour post release check to do anything. Having had one jaundiced on me before, we went into lots of open window shades and feeding round the clock ( not that one doesnt do that already with a newborn, but basically being even more sure to be oon time with the every 2 hours feedings). His bilirubin number was fairly low considering, putting him at a 40% risk category.

While our home life was its one chaos of visiting family, new baby, and all the trimmings that come with each of those factors, we were  attempting to keep it as normal as we could for DJ. So far I think we have done okay in that department, but some of the sibling jealousy has reared its ugly head already. It’s funny in a way to see that swing of emotions from wanting to help an hold baby brother to the less then attractive throwing a tantrum because baby brother has to go to to the doctor.

Since I am behind in my writings here, this is where I must confess the just to get everybody updated was started last Thursday the 18th. Being late evening of the 23rd now, I do hope you’ll forgive my tardiness, and if not then well read the next entry and you’ll see why I have somewhat disappeared off the planet.


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