Different baby, different post birth problems

So as I hinted to in the last post, We had a complication come up. Not major, but it feels like it in the aftermath.
Prior to pregnancy, I being Hypothyroid am that woman who puts her freezing cold butt, feet, legs all over dear husband in bed when he’s all warm you read about on Facebook. True story.

During my pregnancy I was warmer then ever, usually sleeping on top of the covers and as close to naked as I dared to stay comfortable. So when we hit 6 days after our c section and got the Chills, I sort of assumed it was my personal bahama island feeling leaving abruptly thanks to the shift in my body’s residing fetus status change. By the time we hit the 24 hour mark of chills I was starting to feel  like crap. Puked up all three bites I got of mmy PB and J sandwich I had intended on eating, and finally got out the old faithful thermometer.
101.4. GREAT! Just what I need with a newborn. So I call the Dr. Take some tylenol, then check temp again in an hour, and we’ll go from there. An hour and 650mg of Tylenol later, 101.6. FML!
The elevated temp after pain meds plus tylenol was concerning enough they brought me back into the hospital. After testing a lot of stuff in short order, I was diagnosed with infection secondary to the csection with bacteria that were both gram negative and positive. (Aka I was my own very cool under the microscope petri dish of variety, not a good thing. So I was admitted back into the hospital, this time begging to be sent back to the usually not very busy OB ward, since dear new babyy boy would be following mom since mom carries the lunch box, so to speak now while we are breastfeeding. Well the OB ward wasnt busy at all, in fact, so they didn’t have it staffed. So it was off to another ward with 2 people in isolation rooms and somebody with the beginning stage of the end with COPD hacking up lungs and half their body through the whole night. The nurses were yet again nice enough, but there definitely was not going to be any hallway walking there!!!

IV antibiotics was what Doc had ordered, which was fine and dandy, until the second night when we got our first whiff that poor Matt’s litle tummy doesn’t like mommy’s antibiotics. To the point of spewing projectile spit up about 15 minutes after feedings. Fun fun. Now here we are after our 3 day stay for IV antibiotics on oral antibiotics at day 7 of 14 days, wih a breastfeeding baby that doesn’t like mommy’s meds, bit we have made some headway in minimizing the spit up. Thank god its only for a few more days as of writing this. Next episode: The breastfeeding mama’s schedule, AKA my answer when Hubby asks what I did all day.


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