Nearly Ready and a little over a month to go.

In the past few days, we’ve gotten so much done. Saturday was our baby shower, which should have been actually titled Subway catered family and friends get together with baby gifts. We liked it that way a lot actually. No diapers filled with mashed melted candy bars to sniff or guess at, no clothespins for the first person to say baby craziness, no extra bs, just the family and friends including the guys drinking beers and a few cheap decorations to indicate the celebration.  In oher words, it rocked. I don’t know why we seem to think the cheap theatrical games etc all really all that necessary for a baby shower. No other social activities require the guessing of candy in diapers. But I digress. 

Sunday, we were rained on rather heavily, so we took DJ to see the new prequel, Monsters University, which while it was wayyyyyy crowded, was an awesome movie that DJ (and the parents too) enjoyed pretty thoroughly. We ‘ve got several of our hospital thigs together just in case baby number 2 decides he can’t wait any longer to be born, as we’ve had contractions off and on for the last month or so. We have made it past the gestational age when big brother was born,  and OB doc has us tenatively scheduled for our c section on 1 August, a week prior to our official due date. Thanks to my parents and inlaws, the crib has been purhased and assembled.


Thanks to a friend mailing my old baby clothes from NC to us, we now have a closet full of baby clothes  all freshly washed and folded, and ready to go. I have all our equipment cleaned and ready for use. I have resupplied my breastpump accessories, and I think we are ready now for this kid.

In preparation for new baby’s arrival, DJ’s got a special bag of toys just for him when he comes to see us at the hospital. All the things a new big brother needs. The idea is a pinterest steal the original link beinghere. Our big brother bag has the following in it:
A new water bottle for big brother should he get thirsty when he visits
A note pad and a few new justice league themed pens/pencils
A new wallet with a few dollar bills in it for candy mahines etc at the hospital
A bottle of hand sanitizer just for DJ
2 new shirts announcing our big brother status
A flashlight
A carbeaner compass
And some odds and ends quiet type toys, such as silly putty, crayons and a new coloring book, and a magnadoodle toy.

I love the idea of big brother getting some stuff just for him when the baby baby baby craze hits amongst the visits. As a big sibling, I remember feeling left out becuase everybody wanted to see the new baby. So far, DJ hasnt shown too much resentment but I’d like to keep it that way.

One thought on “Nearly Ready and a little over a month to go.

  1. I love the big brother bag idea!! I’ll probably have to steal that idea for Emma when she becomes a big sister. 🙂 Love the blog! ~Katie 🙂

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