You may now breathe at your own pace and distance.

Events from Saturday, ie contractual activity, at least thats what the OB called the low grade every ten minute contractions I had until some drug intervention at the ob department seem to have spurred minor contractions with any amount of too much activity on my part. So in otherwords, if I chase DJ up the stairs or carry too heavy of a load of laundry down to the basement, I start contracting again. Apparently, despite the kids’ paratrooper paternity this kids seems to be yet another determined red light jumper, a joke we made alot after DJ decided he was coming at 33 weeks and 2 days gestation. To understand this joke, watch the band of Brothers part 2, specifically  as they are being tossed out of the planes over Normandy beach. Ideally, the green light for jumping from the plane, as its been explained to me by paratrooper hubby, comes on as they are over the dropzone. Any jumps made prior to the green light being on, potentially can harm the paratroopers on terrain features or otherwise. So after speaking with Dr again, the old army attage of a medical profile thats has very strict limitations comes to mind. In an injury relating to a lower extremity typically the army will issue a no run jump march profile,  ie the soldier is not permitted to Run jump or march during the alloted recovery time of the profile to prevent exaggerating an injury.  In more serious injury or illness more restrictive profiles are set by doctors, that often time get poked fun at by other soldiers and referred to as breathe or vegetate at own pace and distance.  In my case currently, with more activity equalling contracting activity, OB has said less is more.  Don’t go running up the stairs, don’t push yourself with your history of preterm baby,  no more of this riding horses notion, let husband do the laundry or cut the loads in half so your not lifting a lot of weight etc. Or by Army terms, breathe at your own pace and distance, and do not do anything that may tell the baby to prepare to come out.  We’ll see how it goes.


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