When it rains, it pours, and comes and threes and fours!

So there I was, standing in the kitchen next to the Keurig waiting on my cup of coffee, having skipped a shower because the flickering power had told my water heater to keep turning off and back on, thanks to the great snow of MAY 2nd. The flickering power was no match for this woman getting her coffee, especially if I was going to have to forgo a shower. My cup finished, the Keurig started flashing the “prime” error code on the menu and “CRACK!” Turning into all my efficientness of not killing my prized coffee maker or anything else slightly vital to the house I started whirring around the house shutting things off, while ensuring tht my 4 year old “DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!!!!” Once the coffee maker, the TV and all other high dollar items were turned off, the paranoid mom in me started looking out windows to see what sort of expensive now broken thing had just horribly crashed into the house or our garage causing such flickering electricity. I finally look out the front porch to see this

So I call the husband, who literally has just left the house for the farm maybe 5 minutes prior. The Conversation is as follows
Me: So, um, the Weeping Willow tree out front just broke in half and fell on our power line to the house. 
Hubby: Oh, crap.
Me: Yeah, so should I come get a chainsaw or something to cut away the branches from the line or???
Hubby (clearly the more functioning brains this morning) Call the power company. DO NOT GO TRY TO CUT IT YOURSELF. Some of those branches may be hot and you could get shocked.
Me: Oh, yeah, good point.
Hubby: They’ll come out and get the tree cut the line restrung or whatever. I am sorta stuck on the side of the road.
Me: HUH?!
Hubby: Yeah, I think the fuel pump on the dearly reliable purple farm truck is going out on the front tank.
Me: So, do yoou want me to call the power company, and then come get you or???
Hubby: Call the power company. I may have you bring out the extra gas can from the garage after that, so I can put gas in the back tank to limp it either home or to the Farm.

So we get the power company called, and I take DJ to the local Daycare lady so we’re not trying to fix electrical problems with a 4 year old trying to help. By this point, hubby has limped the truck back on its own accord. Upon inspection of the side of the house where the power line was connected, it is realized that our neutral ground cable has completely snapped, leaving 2 hot wires leading into the house and no way for the returning power to feed off the house. Not exactly ideal. But wait, there’s more canundrum to it, the damage goes beyond the joint where the electric company is essentially not responsible for.

See picture below

So we call out the electrician as well, and he gets things repaired so we don’t have bad juju on the side of the house or flowing in or out of the house in a manner that might be very shocking for anybody walking by.  So to end the hellacious day all crammed into this morning, here’s a picture of the freshly cut tulips next to the window looking at the snow outside.


Also definitely makes you think this bit for this morning



2 thoughts on “When it rains, it pours, and comes and threes and fours!

  1. Wow, what a way to start the day! Glad the power is all fixed up. Hopefully the pick up will be ok? That poor thing sure has been a good one!

    • Oh Yeahhh. The Grape will be fine I’m sure. Aaron’s already got a plan of attack for fixing said fuel pump. There’s going to be no killing that truck withoout some pretty meniacal force to it.

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