So its May, why is is supposed to snow, again?!

We have been in spring for well truthfully a week or so now. And yet, here we are again with more icky weather en route. I just finally felt it was warm enough to seed my flower bed with a variety pack of wild flower and easy flower mix. I am guessing I will have to  reseed after it warms up again but we shall see.  Cut our bloomed tulips from in front of the deck and have them in a vase in the kitchen, pictures to come tommorow. We’re surviving, day by day. Hopefully we will get good weather soon so the gardenpalooza in the backyard can start aside from my seedlings on the porch. Also of note, my good friend has about a month and a half left before schools out (she’s a teacher) and well the two of us loose on civilization for the summer months should provide plenty of entertaining entries. 


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