Indoor gardening, try 3 or 4.

So our new house has a gorgeous sun porch that for the most part is climate controlled, with the rest of the house, albeit when it freezes the minute storm porch door only keeps the below freezing days to the 40ish degree range in the winter. But for lack of a better term, a friend of mine who grew up here in Southwest Iowa pointed out a crucial mistake I was likely making, resulting in dead rosemary, starter seedlings that all died well before transplant, and yet somehow flourished my turnip greens and garlic. Being from the desert, everything I ever grew back home required just one thing. Water. And well I was overdoing it. By like, a lot!

So now we have the following done and waiting on the porch for some rain. After a few minutes of rain I will bring them inside to their porch.
A new hanging strawberry plant is officially hanging on its new shepherds hook, below the deck.
From left to right, pictured below, our blueberry bush has finally been potted in the leftover neon green pot from the rosebush we got for Mothers Day and will get trimmed tommorow.
The standing planter has an Italian salad blend on top, spinach on the bottom. The red pot is our walmart special rosemary also potted finally. The window box has parsley and oregano in it. The small brown pot has cherry tomato seeds, hopefully these will stay alive this time now that I know I was drowning the poor things previously. In the black pot on the end is sweet basil.

With a little bit of luck, and less drowning them on my part, we should have some tasty stuff growing soon!

Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you



Pictured above, is the Freedom Rock, a large boulder about 30 minutes away from our house, painted every year by local artist Ray “Bubba” Sorenson II. If your ever near SW Iowa on Interstate 80, make the detour down hwy 25 and stop at the rock. We will likely be making a trip out there today ourselves, despite the rainy weather.

Today, while many are firing up the grill and enjoying family time, please take time to remember this: “Only 2 defining forces have every offered to die for you, Jesus Christ for your sins, and the American servicemembers for your freedom. ” Today, take a moment to think about those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and never came home to their own families for the freedoms and righs we often take for granted. To my brothers and sisters whom have gone from this world, Thank you. Thank you servicemembers who went over to a foreign place where you were likely hated and bravely fought to ensure the small things, like the freedom to speak my mind, or protect my family were granted. As I have my 4 year old running around with a balloon this morning, I can’t even begin to think of not being able to keep him safe, and for a lot of that safeness comes from a lot of our constitutional rights.

To my fellow veterans who are still serving, especially those overseas right now, please duck as needed, and know that we support you and Thank you!

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall…

It’s taken me 3 ish days to finally get my head straight to write this up. Saturday was much like any other Saturday, hubby had gone out to the farm and DJ and I were slowly making our rounds to get laundry done and hanging out at the house. I had finally gotten myself in the shower, when I started to feel a little light headed and decided I would get back out and sit down with DJ for a bit til my head cleared. I remember turning off the water and attempting to open to shower curtain to step out. I do not remember the falling portion itself, but remember hearing my phone clatter to the floor with me off the counter. I came to staring at my son’s step stool for the bathroom, and seeing my phone on the floor. My head was wet and pounding, my whole right side was on the floor, my ribs protesting the most. I reached over to the phone and called my husband. In his own words, it sounded like a crying drunk dial, with one in particular statement sticking out to him. (Me to him) ” I think… I think I fell getting out of the tub.” Without missing a beat, his uncanny response “well, are you on the floor? Then you probably fell.” He came home as soon as he could get out of the no man’s land field he was working out on the farm. In the meantime I tried unsuccessfully to pull myself up to a sitting position, my right side not cooperating in the least. Somewhere in the midst of the chaos in the bathroom, in should walk my 4 year old, grabbing his butt and stating that he needed to poop. Most less adjusted to weirdness type of kids may have seen Mommy on the floor hurt and sat down and cried with Mommy. Not my stoic little man. He was kind enough to hand me a towel, then proceeed onto asking me about falling out of the tub, immediately followed by moving his stool out of the entryway of the bathroom, stepping over mommy, and going potty. The action in his way, caused him to have a small accident, but he was so worried about mommy cleaning his underwear so he strippped them off, tried to give me the underwear, and got himself all wiped up. I told him to go find fresh underwear, thanks to the lack of laundry that had been folded thus far, he had an abundance of selection on the couch. And as if I could cue it up for a friday night sitcom, in comes Husband, immediately followed by my mother in law. As most Army stories go, so there I was sprawled on the bathroom floor  covered in a towel, while my 4 year was running around the living room half naked. Hubby, got me helped up to a sitting position, while mother in law first got the 4 year old corraled and into some clothes. Then as Aaron is walking betweene the living room and bathroom, I hear him tell his mom she doesnt need to fold the laundry. I may be feeling like total crap, but that is suddenly my cue to immmediately yell from the bathroom “oh no, please dont fold the laundry”, as if having someone helping to fold laudry was really the worst thing that was happening at the moment. Mother in law, offers to take DJ out to her house while Aaron takes me to the hospital. And off we went. In th elast month or so, we had an incident where my regular OB was not available , but had been given the run around to the tune of 4 hours on the phone with the VA hospital that my Primary Dr is stationed at as to where to go for such occasions. After that mess, we decided we would just go straight to the VA an hourish drive away just so there would be no questions as to what they wanted me to do this time around.

We get to the VA ER dept, and the DR asssigned to me, literally looked as though I had some sort of anthrax growing out of my head when I explained why we decided to go straight to the VA ER this time around. “But.. your well, uhm, pregnant, and so there’s 2 patients to worry about and most hospitals would just send you to the OB floor after 24 ish weeks. We Don’t have anything to check the baby with.” No kidding, but we weren’t trying to get another black mark on our VA records, because of the last issue we had, husband’s former E6 that had already been given first look at E7 self reappeared during the phonecall craziness and chewed some ass, as they are known to do in the 82nd ABN, and had given us a mark that my case worker felt necessary to tell me later “we do not appreciate getting yelled at, regardless of the situation, some things are out of our control on the phone, and it does not help your case to be disgruntled with us”. So we were transfered via the VA over to the big Catholic University hospital there in Omaha, NE. We were treated quite awesomely by the staff there, but did hafta stay overnight for observation, along with getting a few things scanned and xrayed just to be sure everything was going to be ok. Baby continued on moving like a champ, and finally was still enough for the OB docs to get a long enough read out to send us home.

So the long and the short, we had a fall, but everyone is okay, and we found out that my kid clearly does not suprise easily to mommy being hurt. Apparently it must either be a more regular occurance then I thought orr this kid really just figured Mommy was laying on the bathroom floor playing like he does when he is tired.

Finally planting at the farm, now what?

So the weather has finally allowed hsband and Father in law to do what farmers do, they are in the fields and planting has begun. After the section are prepped, husband is bringing a tractor up to the house to prep our garden site here. In the meantime, we enjoyed our 3 days worth of spring, now that we are in the high 80s and 90s I hope we’ll get a few more decent weather days for the planting to get done. Today, our to do lost includes such fun adventures as, giving the dog a bath, laundry, and possibly restarting more seeds on the sun porch, since we have had such topsy turvy weather a lot of our pour plants habe not done so well on their seedling abilities. Wish us luck with this garden thing… I think we may need it!

Things I never thought I would say….

So this will be an ongoing funny haha of different things I have either found myself saying to my son or husband, in the realms of parethood and pregnancy. 

“I think I just puked so hard that I peed myself.” (The back story on this should be titled, who said morning sickness only happened in the morning or usually lasted just through the first trimester was LYING!)

“Socks only cry when your feet stink”

“OW! We don’t shoot screwdrivers across the living room with our bows!”

“We don’t try to feed our toys to the dog, ok?”

“Gardening tools do not belong on the couch. Regardless of whether they are plastic or not.”

“Legos are not extra nose picking devices”

“I think I can document a case of pregnancy induced narcolepsy…. if I could just stay awake long enough to do the documenting!”

“A thunderstorm is not the best time to go ride your mower, DJ.”

“I am not responsible for what happens to you if do not stop throwing hotwheels down the stairs”

(While on the phone long distance with a friend) “Hold on, I hear something motorized….. it’s either his toothbrush or one of the trains. Nope not the toothbrush this time.”

“Grab your (toys) balls from behind the couch, and then go potty, now!”

“My boobs are leaking, this kid won’t get off my hips, and now the doc won’t let me ride horses til this kid is done baking. ”

“Baby brother doesn’t need your hot wheels cars in his swing.”

From DJ to me: “You dont sleep in my bed. You sleep downstairs. You belong to Daddy!”

“You’ve eaten 5 cheese sticks already today, how ’bout some fruit to even out your poops.”

“We do not shove the chew toys into baby brother’s mouth.”

“This poor kid can’t decide if he feels yucky, if his teeth hurt or if he wants to eat. Hence the screaming almost attached to my boob baby.”

“Pampered Chef, So easy my four year old could do it.”

When it rains, it pours, and comes and threes and fours!

So there I was, standing in the kitchen next to the Keurig waiting on my cup of coffee, having skipped a shower because the flickering power had told my water heater to keep turning off and back on, thanks to the great snow of MAY 2nd. The flickering power was no match for this woman getting her coffee, especially if I was going to have to forgo a shower. My cup finished, the Keurig started flashing the “prime” error code on the menu and “CRACK!” Turning into all my efficientness of not killing my prized coffee maker or anything else slightly vital to the house I started whirring around the house shutting things off, while ensuring tht my 4 year old “DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!!!!” Once the coffee maker, the TV and all other high dollar items were turned off, the paranoid mom in me started looking out windows to see what sort of expensive now broken thing had just horribly crashed into the house or our garage causing such flickering electricity. I finally look out the front porch to see this

So I call the husband, who literally has just left the house for the farm maybe 5 minutes prior. The Conversation is as follows
Me: So, um, the Weeping Willow tree out front just broke in half and fell on our power line to the house. 
Hubby: Oh, crap.
Me: Yeah, so should I come get a chainsaw or something to cut away the branches from the line or???
Hubby (clearly the more functioning brains this morning) Call the power company. DO NOT GO TRY TO CUT IT YOURSELF. Some of those branches may be hot and you could get shocked.
Me: Oh, yeah, good point.
Hubby: They’ll come out and get the tree cut the line restrung or whatever. I am sorta stuck on the side of the road.
Me: HUH?!
Hubby: Yeah, I think the fuel pump on the dearly reliable purple farm truck is going out on the front tank.
Me: So, do yoou want me to call the power company, and then come get you or???
Hubby: Call the power company. I may have you bring out the extra gas can from the garage after that, so I can put gas in the back tank to limp it either home or to the Farm.

So we get the power company called, and I take DJ to the local Daycare lady so we’re not trying to fix electrical problems with a 4 year old trying to help. By this point, hubby has limped the truck back on its own accord. Upon inspection of the side of the house where the power line was connected, it is realized that our neutral ground cable has completely snapped, leaving 2 hot wires leading into the house and no way for the returning power to feed off the house. Not exactly ideal. But wait, there’s more canundrum to it, the damage goes beyond the joint where the electric company is essentially not responsible for.

See picture below

So we call out the electrician as well, and he gets things repaired so we don’t have bad juju on the side of the house or flowing in or out of the house in a manner that might be very shocking for anybody walking by.  So to end the hellacious day all crammed into this morning, here’s a picture of the freshly cut tulips next to the window looking at the snow outside.


Also definitely makes you think this bit for this morning


So its May, why is is supposed to snow, again?!

We have been in spring for well truthfully a week or so now. And yet, here we are again with more icky weather en route. I just finally felt it was warm enough to seed my flower bed with a variety pack of wild flower and easy flower mix. I am guessing I will have to  reseed after it warms up again but we shall see.  Cut our bloomed tulips from in front of the deck and have them in a vase in the kitchen, pictures to come tommorow. We’re surviving, day by day. Hopefully we will get good weather soon so the gardenpalooza in the backyard can start aside from my seedlings on the porch. Also of note, my good friend has about a month and a half left before schools out (she’s a teacher) and well the two of us loose on civilization for the summer months should provide plenty of entertaining entries.