We’re having a pampered chef party…. here?!

So in case my daily insanity wasn’t enough, we’re hosting a pampered chef party tommorow. That’s actually been the motivation to get the hutch done and a new shiny hood range installed. We’re about finished with the  hutch, and hubby says he’ll put the new hood in this evening! Lots of fun and exciting stuff, so long as we can get it done today.  Pictures coming of the completed hutch and a good before picture of the rangehood. Also somewhere in there, we should put the play room back to usable state. Don’t judge, this is where I am about to be completely honest in saying that as long as the 4 yo puts all the toys in here at the end of the night, I really have zero cares as to how it looks when we don’t have company over.


Case in point, above. We all have that room or closet we typically don’t let anyone but close family know even exists. Guess what, this is a blog where I get to be that crazy lady showing off her pigstye room. Note that DJ have been trained to get everything in there just past the door way so the doors will close without hitting any of his toys. Yep, that’s classy right there!


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