Day 1

So today starts our Stay at Homeness! And in the fashion of proving it’s not just me that has a bad sense of humor, I’d like to share this thought  of my husbands for an updated picture for this blog. Apparently, hubby has been stalking the blog thus far and felt my POW status would be far more hilarious with a picture of our house photoshoped to look similar to a Vietcong holding compound, dressing our 4YO up as a VC. I’m telling you guys, this is why my Husband being in the 82nd ABN at Fort Bragg makes me very nervous as to what he might do with this idea! As for the to do list, well we have some sorely lacking house chores that need to be done, and a rather foggy soggy morning after a good rain last night. No worries, we needed the rain being in the farming area we are in after last years drought. So while it makes the husband glad for rain  (farmers, what can I say!), it does pose a small conundrum for the planned park outing this morning. Perhaps, after the dishes are done we’ll venture to the library or out the farm to see the new calves, or finish the hutch  work so it can move into the kitchen and out of the garage/ furniture paint studio!


One thought on “Day 1

  1. Old Guy finally signed up in order to get a working “Comment” button so I could say “Looks good so far!”
    Your humorous writing style looks familiar; must have inherited it from your Grandma Mary. Sure didn’t get it from your Dad.

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