A lesson in aging

While on our stroll at the park, DJ and I went on the swings. DJ illustrated the superman technique while I was swinging the traditional way. I was talking to DJ and decided on leaning way back like I did when I was much younger… Maybe that was not the best idea at 22 weeks pregnant. Scientific method would have me try again to clarify that vertigo is a tried and true result of this, but I think once was more then enough for me to know A) this kid really doesn’t care for it, and B) nearly puking all over the park is generally frowned upon unless you are some drunken teenager.


4 thoughts on “A lesson in aging

  1. Julie; Trish is just trying to make my gray hair “make sense” to those who don’t realize that I had ZERO gray hair until that day (December 22, 2001) when she and her little sister had become teenagers – AT THE SAME TIME !!!
    At that point in time, Trish and Jessie’s “baby brother” Matthew (at 6) became my “Bestest Friend in the Whole Wide World” as he would convince me to take him to Lowes, Home Depot, Southwest Lumber and Hardware, either one or BOTH local gun stores; or just about ANYWHERE that was away from the two female siblings fighting and their Mother wading in to invalidate all their arguments with the simple directive that SHE (my wife) was the “Alpha Female” of the household.
    Yeah, Matt could give Lowes employees directions on where to find stuff in their own stores; because we’d spend HOURS there until we thught it was safe to return home – “Safe” meaning that the police and EMT’s had left the house.
    Since then, while she publicly still refers to me as “you OLD MAN”; she and Aaron have been intent upon producing children that would validate my early -in-life grayness.

    It may not work, but ***I’m*** having fun with it!

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