The missing mascara bottle… finally found.


So this little baby went missing the Saturday before Easter, as we were trying to get ready. And by trying, I mean, DJ was already dressed and was waiting on me to finish getting makeup on for family gathering. From the bathroom, I hear the 4 year Old talking to the 4 legged child, asking him if he needs to go out, while 4 YO is opening the front door of the house. I had literally finished the lower left lid, dropped the mascara and rushed out the door to grap dog and kid back into the house. About this time husband shows up, and wondering why I am frantic over having one lid done and 3 not. We finally leave with my makeup still uncomplete. My in-laws were kind enough to not mention it or point it out, but upon finding it closed in my husband’s clean laundry to be put away basket this morning, I am now wondering if it wasn’t noticed, or if I always look like I forgot half my makeup. Humorous to me either way, and I thought you guys would appreciate it.


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